Cryo-Electronics and Space Bolometry



Contact: Francesca Chiodi

Bolometer matrix and integrated superconducting electronics

In spite of the very low superconducting transition temperature ( < 1 K), bolometer applications at around 0,1 K  for space applications are very promising.



Hybrid Superconductor (S) – non-superconducting Silicon (N) devices

Design and fabrication of all-Silicon JoFETs (Josephson Field Effect Transistors) with a non-dissipative ON current and a very large Ion / Ioff ratio.



Publications (since 2018)



  • Franscesca Chiodi
  • Dominique Debarre
  • Géraldine Hallais


  • At C2N
  • In France
    • LPS
    • CSNSM
    • INAC-CEA 


  • Projet SiSuper (RTRA Triangle de la Physique)